16 February 2016

Twinsie Tuesday- Coffee inspired

Hey all

Another of the Essence polishes from the Valentines Who Cares collection is a metallic beige. This colour reminded me of coffee so I kept it aside for this weeks Twinsie Tuesday post.
Love is in the air-don't breathe! has the best name out of the collection for sure. The formula is a little uneven which shows up if you leave it matte but add on a topcoat and you're grand.

I have on 2 coats of Love is in the air- don't breathe without a basecoat. You can see it looks uneven and a bit streaky with the matte finish.
For the glossy pictures I added on a coat of Sally hansen 3d gel shine topcoat which helped to even it out. This polish doesn't suit me, it is far too pale, but out of the 2 I prefer it with the glossy topcoat.

The collection is available now with each polish costing €2.29 each for a slightly smaller 9ml bottle. The brush is thin and short but I had no trouble using it. It is very easy to get around your cuticles without flooding them and I had very little clean up to do on any of the polishes from the collection.

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