23 March 2016

Organic Surge skincare review

Hey all

**Products were sent for review**

A couple of weeks ago I was sent some Organic surge products to try out.

The first product is the Organic Surge Extra Care Ultra-light oil control lotion. This costs around €24 for a 50ml bottle. I thought this would be good for my combination skin but a couple of hours after applying it my face felt a bit greasy, especially around my nose. It wasn't bad but I didn't enjoy the feeling. I will say after applying it my face felt really soft and smooth. It sinks in very quickly with a really pleasant scent which doesn't linger long after applying it. i wouldn't buy it personally as it doesn't suit my skin.

Next up was the Organic Surge Daily Care reviving eye gel. I couldn't find a price for this.
It was pretty nice. It didn't affect my eyes which can be sensitive to certain products so that was a plus.This could be down to the lack of a scent in this gel. I didn't notice it doing anything special under my eyes although at times I thought it made my dark circles a bit more prominent some days which isn't pretty. It was easy to apply, a little goes a long way. I'll definitely use it up but I'm not sure if I would purchase it just yet.

Another product from the daily care was the Organic surge Perfecting Face polish. This costs around €9.I like this. It's nice and creamy with a lovely lemon scent. It has a good amount of ground olive stone particles in it to scrub your skin without it feeling too harsh. While my skin wasn't transformed after using it, it helped to smooth it out a bit and take away the bumpy/ flaky feeling. It's a 75ml tube but it really does go a long way. I wouldn't use it daily as I think it would be too much for my skin but once or twice a week is perfect.

Finally I have the Organic Surge Daily Care super intensive moisturiser. This costs around €17.
I don't have overly dry/mature skin so I gave this to someone who does to try out. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the results from this one. It's one of the few moisturisers that actually made a difference to incredible dry, patchy skin. It's not 100% cleared up but it drastically improved the condition of their skin. I'm sure they will buy this cream once this tub is empty.

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