18 March 2016

Twinsie Tuesday- Favourite Colour

Hey all,

(I forgot to post this on Tuesday so here it is!)

I don't really have a favourite colour. I like a lot of polish colours but the one that's been catching my eye a lot lately is green. One of the greens that I own and use a lot is China Glaze Running in Circles. I didn't want to take of my St Patricks Day manicure so I'm showing ye an old swatch :)

There are a few green polishes on my wishlist at the moment but most of them are indie and really hard to get shipped over here. Plus they stain horrifically which I'm not a fan of (for obvious reasons) but they look so pretty in the swatches. Maybe it's worth the staining?!

Anyway, I love this manicure and I am definitely going to re-do it. Yellow and green and just amazing together!

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