01 March 2016

Twinsie Tuesday- Watermarble

Hey all,

I missed last weeks Twinsie Tuesday but I'm back for this weeeks theme which is to do some kind of marbling. I ended up doing a simple looking watermarble. This was before I tried a dry marble (up on Thursday) which I much prefer doing! Anyway, back to today's post......

 For this manicure I started off applying a coat of Sally Hansen Patent Gloss in Chic to my nail.
Once that was dry I quickly added the polishes to the water , dragged them together a little bit and popped in my nails. Like my last water marble this bubbled quite a bit on my nails.

The navy I used is Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure in 674 Nightwatch. I love these 2 polishes together and I think the concept was great but my execution on the nails messed it up. I just can't do water-marbles. I don't like the way they look either which is another story but I can't get them to turn out well on my nails.

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